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Word crashes when pasting images from Balsamiq


My preferred approach is to use Balsamiq for screen mockups, and Word for specifications documents. I need to merge these in order to put together a unified spec for my developers.

I was enthusiastic when I found the Copy as Image option because this seemed like a great way to streamline this workflow. However, I am seeing a very high crash ratio when pasting these in to Word. I’d say that about 1 out of every three paste operations results in a Word crash, restart, recovery… I don’t have any problems with Word otherwise. Word runs rock solidly for me until I start pasting images from Balsamiq.

I’m using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 on Windows 7 and I’m using Balsamiq 2.2.24.

Thanks for any assistance which you can provide!

UPDATE: I updated to version 3.0.5 and I haven’t seen the problem for a couple of hours now. I hope this has solved the problem. Once thing I do note is that with v3.0.5 the screen does not flicker when copying the image (Ctrl-Alt-C) so possibly a better screen-image capture technique is being used.


Hi yossi,

Interesting… I know Microsoft Office uses its custom clipboard manager that overrules the system one.
The clipboard manager may crash if you two data objects items in one clipboard item.
If the clipboard manager crashes Microsoft Word crashes too.

We had this issue around version 2.2.10 but we resolved it. 2.2.24 does not have such double data objects any more on windows.

Thanks for the update with the new version. We optimized several issues in the new version. We are currently working on making several redrawing and loading operations even faster and more stable.


I’m still getting this on Balsamiq 3.1.5 but it now seems to crash all of my Microsoft Office products (Office Professional Plus 2013) using Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.

Any workarounds for this?



Hi @Mel_L,

we’re still working on this, sorry for the delay!
I’ll bump up the priority on our internal tracker.

Thanks for your input. :smile:


That’s great news :smile:

Thanks for the super quick response too.


Just want to add that I’m seeing this issue too, from time to time. Not as bad as when I originally posted, but there’s still something in there that’s not handling the clipboard properly. And when the crash occurs, all of my Office applications go down including Microsoft Outlook.

Balsamiq Mockups
Version: 3.0.5 - 03/26/2015 14:27
Flash Player Version: WIN 17,0,0,188


Hello everyone, we’re having a hard time reproducing this bug internally. Can you please update to the latest version from and try again? If you see it, please specify your version of Windows and Office. Thanks!