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Working local but saving to Google Drive [SOLVED]


As I was having an issue with Mockups 3 and saving my work on my Google Drive, I came here and searched for other people having similar issues. This is then I discovered there is a “Mockups for Google Drive”. Interesting.

Though, I would like to ask the community here if they encountered the same issue as I did.

Here is the situation:

  • Working on my laptop, local
  • Saving my .bmpr document on my personal Google Drive

Was working fine until I suddenly started getting an error message telling me the document where I was working is no longer available or that I have lost connection?!
How could that be, I am saving my file on my hard drive! Yet a synchronized folder with Google Drive, but still local hard drive.

I then went to my Google Drive folder (still locally) and saw indeed the file went away?!
I then went to my local bin, and no sign of my file either?!
I then went online through my Web browser and went to Google Drive Bin folder and discovered my file there??! How did that happen? Why did my file ended up into the trash folder of Google Drive and NOT in my local trash folder?

I did another test with a regular .txt document, did save it. it went to Google Drive online. I deleted it manually myself from my PC, it went to my PC trash folder as expected but it did go as well to Google Drive Trash folder too! Something I did not know.

So, is this some kind of Google Drive bug or is it related to Mockups software too?
Did some other clients experience the same problem in the past or recently?

Thanks for your feedbacks.
Kind regards,


Ugh, I’m really sorry about that @Nicolas_CHILLES, it looks like Google Drive may have run into an issue with our save mechanism.

When we save a file (be it autosave or manual) we delete the file in the target location and copy a new file over. The process is nearly instantaneous, but if Google Drive decides to sync right after a file is deleted, but before the new file is copied over, it can cause this issue.

Syncing locks the target folder, preventing Mockups from copying a new file over. The sync reveals that the file has been deleted, so Google deletes it from Drive.

It’s a very rare occurrence, but we have seen it happen. Luckily, Google Drive is awesome about keeping versions of your file, so recovery is just a matter of restoring it (as you have already found out).

What I would recommend is disabling autosave. That would lower the already unlikely chance of you ever seeing this bug again. Mockups is always autosaving to the backup folder, so you get the best of both worlds this way.

Again, I cannot tell you how sorry we are that you hit this bug, Nicolas. Please let me know if you see it again.


Hi @Brendan,

wow, that was fast! Thank you very much for your answer!

ok, i understand then now. I did not dream and it is indeed due to Mockups software special way of saving files. Understood.

I won’t deactivate the autosave as I think we all are nowadays expecting every single piece of software save our work very regularly. Even from webapps. So that would change too much my habits.

It’s a bit of a pity to face such issue and preventing me from working directly from my google drive, but if that is the only solution, then I’ll work from a local drive only and from time to time, i’ll make a backup of my Mockups projects to my Google Drive to bring them everywhere.

No big deal! At least, I know the root cause of all this.


Thanks again for your prompt reply and have great Christmas period !


Thanks, Nicolas, and I really appreciate your understanding to this. It’s something we are going to look at once we have a native (non-Adobe Air) version of the application. We want to be doing better with things like this.

Have a wonderful Holiday, my friend. We will be here if you need us!


Hello Brendan, I hope I can contribute to the conversation even if it is marked as closed…

We experience the same issue here: we work heavily on Google Drive, and with Balsamiq we regularly have files disappearing because of this. It is pretty systematic, resulting in teams not saving their files in Google Drive anymore, which is a problem for us…

There must be a way to tune a bit the way the file is saved so that Google Drive does not see it as a file being moved to the trash ?


Hi @Bertrand_Gorge,

Sorry to hear that you and your team have also hit this issue.

Have you already tried to disable the autosave mechanism, as Brendan suggested above?

That should help with this bug and you’ll still have your changes saved to the internal backup file. They will automatically recover if you close Mockups without remembering to save.

Hope this will help! Please let us know if not and we’ll do our best to ease the pain.


Hello Virgin, I will ask the team to do this - but as far as I remember, the problem has been seen on the final save. We’ll do some more testing and keep you updated. Thanks !


I experience this issue a couple of times a day over the course of several hours of work. I have a very simple workaround - which is simply to save the file as a slightly different name . - so if it’s “New Log-in Interface - Rev 1” - I just rename to something like “New Log-in Interface - Rev 1a” . Since Balsamiq defaults the “Save As” to the existing name - I just add a letter - and my problem is solved. I prefer this to disabling the auto-save.


I know this is a closed topic, but I just wanted to let you know that I run into this constantly as well. I just save the file to my desktop, but then I have to remember to move it back into the correct location on my (local) Google Drive folder. It’s very frustrating!


Sorry to hear that @DanniB!

Have you tried to disable the autosave mechanism to see if that makes any difference on your end?

Having to move back the file after each update doesn’t sound ideal indeed.

We’ll do our best to help!


Any updates on this?
Also experiencing this weird problem, I use drive as my working folder for just about anything.
Balsamiq is the only SW where I have encountered problems


Hey Jonathan,

I just replied to your email, but I wanted to post an update here as well, just in case others run into this.

We think Google has changed something in their syncing algorithm that may have made saving to a synced folder really difficult. While there isn’t much we can do about it right now, the next (native) version of Desktop shouldn’t run into this issue.

I’m sorry to the folks that this affecting right now - it’s a real pain. If you save your file to a local folder, and then move it to the syncing folder when you’re done for the day, that should alleviate saving issues until we get it fixed for good.

If we come up with a better fix in the interim, I will update this post.