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Working on lower res screen - can't access some options


I’ve found the Balsamiq workspace doesn’t scale very well when using a lower res screen. I’m on an HP laptop with a native resolution of 1366x768. When working away from my external monitor, I find with some object types, the links dropdown menu is not fully visible, meaning I can’t select “No link”(ie the bottom option).

It all depends on where on the screen the link dropdown is placed. Sometimes the menu extends upwards from the button (eg for an icon) and sometimes downwards (eg for a group). When it extends downwards, the bottom few options are truncated and are not accessible

Ideally there should be a way to scroll to all available options, regardless of screen size. For this specific task (removing links) it’d be nice if there was a simple delete button next to the link field (similar to the icon property of those objects that support icons). Maybe that should be a separate feature request in fact… :slight_smile:


Ugh Chris, I imagine this has been really annoying.

I see it too, and we will get it fixed.

I have found that you can control it by placing the links drop down closer to the bottom of the screen. That will force it to flow upward.

Sorry for the hassle with this, my friend. But thank you for taking the time to let us know!


Hi @Brendan - thanks for the response

Sadly, I’ve found no way to force the link button lower down. At least not on this screen, with groups. With a group, there are very few other property controls, and so there’s no option to scroll the inspector itself, even when the window is reduced to the smallest possible height.

I’ll upload some screenshots so you can see what I’m seeing. The first one show the app maximised, the second is the smallest possible height for the window. This is a group, so there’s only the Name and Convert to Symbol buttons below the link field, hence no possibility to scroll.

And it’s no trouble at all to provide the feedback - I use Balsamiq more than any other tool in my daily work, so helping to improve it is time well spent for me! :relaxed:


Ahh, yeah. If the link dropdown not further down the property inspector, there is no way to manipulate the menu.

I’m sorry again for this, Chris. It’s on our radar now, and I have the dev team looking at it.