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Working with OneDrive for Business


Hi there,

I work with my files in a collaborative manner on OneDrive for Business. Since updating to 3.08 I always get an error popping up (toast) stating the following:

Saving failed (error 6041)

And I have to save the file with a new file name, every time I do something.

This is not ideal as I am no longer confident that the auto-saving is working.

Has there been any change to the way auto-save works? Is there a way to disable this?

Many thanks.


Update, the error message numbers also include 6047, if that helps.


HI @NeilMerton

The two errors are saving errors.
After you saved the latest changes in a new file please restart the application. Apparently it is in a bad state right now.

We did a quick test and normally it should work. Do you recall what you did shortly before you got the first error message?

Can you store the file in your local location and continue working on it?


Thanks for the reply @Florian_Brauer.

I re-opened the file and was able to work with moving/editing existing assets/symbols around without the save error appearing. As soon as I add a new asset (or symbol) to a mock-up that is when the errors start popping up again.

I may have to have a local copy setup and then create a scheduled task to copy it to OneDrive on an hourly basis (or similar).


Same errors here. Using OneDrive for Business we get the Saving Failed message while it tries to autosave. Manual save produces the same error. While testing it did appear to save ok (telling us all changes were saved) but closing and reopening the file resulted in us losing that work. For now, we are using the file in a local folder but hoping this is resolved so we can go back to saving these in OneDrive.


Hello everybody,

We set up a OneDrive for Buisness account for testing purposes. We used the default configuration to see if we can reporduce the issue.

We covered various scenarios from simple edits to to deleting and adding resources all the way to multi user scenarios. In none of them we hit the error.
Can you please let us know if some settings concerning files were changed from the defaults so we can continue investigating?


same issue here: I chose my Google Drive folder as the default saving location for my Balsamiq projects, and now I keep getting this error message:

It keeps coming back, no matter if I ignore it or save the project in a new file.

I’m using Balsamiq Version: 3.2.4 - 10/22/2015 06:55
Adobe Air Player Version: WIN 20,0,0,228
on Windows 10 and 8.1


Hey @Adam_M

I’m sorry about the hassle with this. We are still trying to come up with the best way to work on files stored on networked drives or folders. We have added a lot of safety measures, (to prevent any data issues) but we are still struggling with what to do about the file when is locked and synced.

For now, would it be possible to work on the file locally, and then move it to your Google Drive when you’re done? I know it’s not a great solution right now, but we are working to find a better one.


Hi Brendan, thanks for replying so fast!

Actually, the folder in which I save is local - it’s the local copy of my google drive.

Do you think there may be some folder setting (Windows 10) that could be causing this?

(“Read only” does not apply for any of my Balsamiq files)



Hi @Adam_M,

Sorry again for the hassle with this one.

Not sure about the root cause of this one yet but some elements may help our dev team to uncover it.

Could you please update our little tool to the latest version (3.3.3) from this page

Then, when/if the issue occurs, please send us the .log file to so we can have more informations about the issue. Here is the way to access the .log file:

In the meantime, as Brendan suggested, working on the file locally (e.g. saved on your desktop) should prevent the issue from happening.

Thanks for your patience and help on this! We’re here to help if you need anything else.


Any update on this? We are using OneNote for business as well and I’d really like my Balsamiq files to be sync-able.


Hey @paulzy, we are actually testing a beta version of the app that fixes a lot of the sync issues.

Check out this thread for details. The official version should be launching soon.


Hi guys,

I’m having the same issue as Adam_M, using Google Drive to sync my balsamiq files. Has there been any update on this? I’ve also emailed support with my log file like @Virgin suggested.

My work around has been to rename the file I’m currently working on to a .1 variant and going back and forth between that. It’s happening at least 4 - 5 times a day consistently.

Details for my set up -

Balsamiq Mockups
Version: 3.5.14 - 07/06/2017 06:18
Adobe Air Player Version: WIN 26,0,0,137

Using on Windows 10



Hi @JoeRyan and sorry for the lack of updates on this thread.

We introduced a way to disable the Autosave a while ago to help with these situations where our autosave mechanism does not play well with network drives.

Could you please try to disable it on your end and see if it helps?

Just so you know, your changes are still being saved to the internal backup file, and they will automatically recover if you close Mockups without remembering to save. :slight_smile: