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Working with the symbol workspace

I’m a bit confused by the navigation within the symbols workspace.

A) what does the little house symbol do within the symbol library, on the movable symbol thing which has the “back to wireframe” button on it? It looks like it just goes to the top of the library list - what would I use that for? Is it in order to figure out where a symbol is in the list of the list is very long and contains several libraries?

Interface ideas:

  1. mark the symbol on the artboard and the corresponding symbol is marked in the list (i.e. vice versa to what happens when clicking in the left-hand list) Now I need to go to the list and manually find it there. This would also remove the need for the floating symbol name + “back to wireframes” thing since it would already be clear what the item was called.
  2. having a list of all the items on the artboard which aren’t connected to a symbol, this would make it easier to find those items which are not yet a symbol.
  3. if the user hasn’t got a library yet, instead of having them click the + symbol, why not just have it created already and guide them from there, this would lower the threshhold to starting using the symbols.

Hi @Alva and sorry for the confusion about Symbols.

A) That’s correct, it goes to the Symbol Library that the current Symbol belongs to. It can be used if you want to see all Symbols from a Library at once. From there, you can then go to any of those Symbols by double-clicking them.

Interface ideas:

  1. I’m assuming that this would be useful when looking at all Symbols from one Library, correct? What about double-clicking the Symbol you want to edit/see, is that enough for your need?

  2. Are you looking for a way to identify all symbols when working from the Wireframes view? You can already spot them all by selecting everything on the wireframe (
    +A), they will show up in light green compared to the other UI controls.

  3. The main reason for not having a default Symbol Library is that not all users need Symbols in their projects. The advantage of having the Symbols view empty by default is that it allows us to share this guidance about what it is:
    New Project 1 2020-02-10 15-18-26

Hope this helps! We’ll be here if you need anything else. :slight_smile: