Balsamiq Community Discussion

Would be nice to add links to symbols


You can add links to everything… (near enough), it would be nice to be able to link symbols.

I have multiple instances of the same symbol, but would like each one to go to a different link. As far as I can see the only way to do this currently is to have an opaque layer on top, which isn’t ideal.


Chris, sorry for the confusion here. The thing that we recommend is just making a group from the symbol instance. Then, you can link it to whatever you would like. That way, it’s really easy to have different instances of the same symbol link to different mockups. Hopefully that does the trick for you!


Thanks for that, I will do that. It would be easier for lazy people like me to be able to click on the symbol and link from there. Saves going into each symbol instance to add a link.

I like the upgrade though, symbols and the Powerpoint style preview are very useful :smile: