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Z-index issue (i.e. bring forward, send backward)


First of all I think the product is great. My issue is with the z-index in the bring forward & send back feature. My complaint is, if there are two elements that overlap and need to swap theirs levels, now I have to press the bring-forward button numerous times to accomplish the look. Is there a way to choose two element and simple have one appear just above or below the other element?



So long as there aren’t many different elements close together, wouldn’t using either Send to Back or Bring to Front do what you’re after?

Look at grouping too. If you have a custom field that is made with several elements, for example, a share widget, group the lot. Then you’ll have no problem repositioning or layering that group (select the elements, Edit > Group).


Hi @Brian_Batchelor,

Thanks for using our tool and the kind words. I understand the action of bringing forward and sending back elements could be repetitive in some situations.

As @neeklamy suggested, grouping elements (shortcut CTRL+G) to reposition them more quickly can be a good workaround in your case and it will save some time to spend on other aspects of your project.

I added a feature request in our internal tracker so we can consider enhancing the functionality of the Z-index in the future. If others would like to see this feature, please let us know (or add your Like/Heart vote above) to help us prioritize this request.