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Zoom in/out in full-screen presentation mode


In full-screen presentation mode I see a toggle option for zoom amount “Zoom out to fit on/off”.

The problem with this is that when on there are no side margins with negative space to the browser/wireframe, making things look very cramped. When toggle zoom off it is so far out that the view option is useless.

Each mockup contains desktop, tablet and mobile so it would be incredibly useful to be able to zoom in and out while in presentation mode.

As far as I can the current navigation in full-screen presentation mode has only these two “unfriendly” viewing options.

Am I missing something or is this the current state of the software?

This is my first use and it is great product otherwise!

Mac OSX Yosemite
Balsamiq Desktop version


Hey @Kemosabe, I’m sorry about the frustration with this.

Our support for zoom is limited to zoom to actual size or zoom out to fit, but expanding it’s functionality is definitely something we are going to look at (thanks to your feedback.)

I’m going to write up a feature request so that we can talk about it. If other folks would find this useful, post a reply or Like Kemosabe’s post.

In the interim, you can add margins by encapsulating the mockups in an invisible rectangle (no border, 0 opacity.) It’s not an ideal solution, but it would make your presentation feel less cramped.

I know it’s not the answer you wanted to hear, and I’m sorry about that, but you’re feedback is going to spark a good discussion.

Thank you for that.


Thanks for the work around :wink: and listening!


+1, the ability to zoom in/out whilst in Full screen mode would be very useful :slightly_smiling:


We are cooking up some changes to Full Screen Presentation mode for the next major version of Mockups. Hopefully these will make this better for you guys :slight_smile:


Glad to hear I to would also find this feature very usefull.


+1 for the ability to zoom in (i.e. make larger) an entire full screen presentation


Definetly! +1


+1 please


Detecting multiple ‘screens’ in one mockup would be pretty cool. perhaps it can be worked out by seeing sections where there are no objects placed as ‘boundaries’


Hey @Ryan,

Not sure to get your need on this one: would you mind detailing your use case?

Just to mention it, you can do something similar in the editor view by selecting a control before using the Zoom in option:


I personally don’t have a case for it, just thought that’s where the discussion was heading and added to it.