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Zoom level across pages in Balsamiq 3

I created all wireframes in a single page so it is easy for me to see the flow at a glance. Then for ease of exporting to Invision, I cloned it into several pages and kept one wireframe per page. I am now working across several pages. What I find difficult is that each page has a different zoom level when I switch between pages. Is it possible to remember the last Zoom level and apply it to every page (within the project) that I navigate to.

If some folks do not want to apply one zoom level applied to all pages, this could be a simple preference under the Zoom cascading menu.

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Thanks for describing what you need. Right now we bind the zoom level to each page. What we can do is add this as a feature request to our tracker for internal discussion and consideration.

If others would like to see this feature, please add your Like/Heart vote above.

Thanks Mark. I think by making it a preference, it can appeal to everyone. I agree that it would be interesting to see if others see value in this feature

Hi @Aras_Kannu,

We just released our latest version (3.2.2) including the new Zoom All to Fit and Zoom All to Actual Size options! Hope you’ll enjoy it! Thanks for requesting it. :smile:

You can get the new version (3.2.2) here:

And the complete release notes are here:

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Thanks. I missed this. Somehow, i didn’t get email notification for your reply. I downloaded and like the new zoom options

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