Zoom to fit = not working!


When I click zoom to fit, it shrinks everything down into a narrow area on the left side. It’s as if there is some control or symbol placed on the right side of the page but there isn’t! Has anyone seen this?


Hi @dh80205,

Thanks for the post and sorry to hear you’re having this issue. It sounds frustrating.

It might be easiest and quickest for us to take a look at your project file - would that be possible? Of course, only Balsamiq support staff will see it and we’ll only keep it as long as we need to.

Just email it to support@balsamiq.com and we’ll take a look and get to the bottom of this, ok?


Hey @dh80205,
Just to be 100% sure, you can Select All to check whether any control is somewhere apart of your main area. Selection bounds will show you all the area, which encloses all of your controls.


Thanks @Alexey_Kolchenko!

For completeness, the issue with @dh80205’s wireframe is that we’re zooming to fit both vertically and horizontally. The wireframe in question was much longer than it was wide so the vertical fit resulted in a very zoomed out look. Ideally we’d offer a ‘Fit to width’ option. We’re already tracking that request and I’ve added a vote in support as a result of this post.