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I am passionate about creation, all things connected and everything out of the ordinary. I am infected with entrepreneurship and can't help myself in seeing the world as a playground of opportunities.

As Digital Producer I help companies in getting from an idea all the way to full realization. I assist my clients with their conceptual process, requirements analysis, design phase, development and implementation. I like to be in contact with all facets of realization and have developed myself accordingly in the past. My Interaction Design background makes sure I keep users centralized during this realization process.

I have great passion for the User Experience trade. I love working user centered and have always done so in the past. It's a way of thinking that always turns out to provide the best solutions.

I help people that need help in getting their digital ideas and concepts done! I work hard and thrive on people that do so too. Large complex projects and platforms fascinate me and I love working with strong teams to get those realized.